Here we will try to cover the basics of a tropical aquarium, these requirements are managed and maintained by water changes, and additives that can help balance the water chemistry to give a healthy environment for our fishes to live in.

Obviously we need to try and keep our fishes in the water they are used to by trying to replicate the water conditions in which they are native to, we must also bear in mind that most of our tropical fish are now captive bred and will tolerate

differing conditions than that of their origin. We must however try and ensure that the water in which we keep these
animals is clean and chemical free, this can be done using many of the available water conditioners and water changes.
Water conditioners remove chlorine, chloramines and many of the other "contaminants" that are present in tap water, these "contaminants" are introduced into the tap water system by our water companies to ensure that the water is safe to drink, this does not mean it is safe for fishes to live in.
We must also ensure that temperature is maintained at a level that is required for the fish to live in, these temperatures vary greatly, as does water ph and hardness, water hardness can have an impact on the stability of ph in an aquarium.
The use of other additives can help greatly in keeping your aquarium in top condition by means of clarifiers, bacterias, granulated medias and liquids to help keep your nutrient levels where they should be.

Please click on the links to learn about the different elements of water chemistry and parameters and how we control them in tropical tanks: