Online purchases are available through our facebook page on some of our popluar products, however please note we do not post fish or corals.

Millar Aquatics is a family owned business based in Corby, Northants. Owned by Jim Millar, who with a passion for all aquatics and with over 20 years experience in fishkeeping, is more than happy to service all your aquatic needs. Varied stocks of all marine, tropical and cold water fish available, replenished weekly from our carefully selected suppliers.

Our suppliers for both dry goods and livestock have been carefully selected, so we can supply the best goods and livestock from the best in the industry. Wholesalers who have supplied the hobby for a number of years and supply recognised names whether that is for coldwater, tropical or marines.

Our Tropical fish supplier has been carefully selected and imports from their facility in Europe weekly. The fish are quarantined, fully wormed and treated, and fed upto 8 times daily, only when they are happy that the fish are disease and parasite free will they allow them to be shipped to us. This means that we only receive the healthiest stock available!

Our ornamental coldwater fish are carefully selected from our wholesaler in Europe, using their UK farms, all specimens are fully quarantined, wormed and treated, and so are guaranteed to be disease free.

We currently have a number of suppliers who ship to us on a regular basis from all over the world. The corals are all sourced from suppliers who have been in the industry for many years, and are shipped in the best possible condition.

Our Marine fish are sourced from all over the world, we use suppliers who are conscientious about the environment and sustainability, and so our suppliers ensure the fish are ethically sourced, do not use cyanide as a capture method. Upon arrival, we personally quarantine the marine fish, using tried and tested methods to ensure they are free from pathogens.

Here we have listed some basic guides and how to's please email us with suggestions or questions!